By the Bi is currently inactive.

 Current President : NA

By the Bi is a subgroup of Glad. The function of the group is to promote bisexual visibility, and provide a support group for all people who don't identify as monosexual (though monosexuals are also more than welcome).



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By the Bi was founded in February 2008 by Ritch Ludlow as an independent group unaffiliated with UNT. It was, in part, a response to a feeling that UNT bisexuals might not be welcome at GLAD meetings, which in those days stood for "Gay and Lesbian Association of Denton".  Meanwhile, Ludlow had made a hobby of creating a definitive list of bisexual themed films. So, when meetings began, most were spent watching films followed by discussion. He was soon joined by fellow bisexual TF, who helped run meetings.

Ludlow soon started attending GLAD meetings, and later also attending their officer meetings. He eventually proposed, in early 2009, that By the Bi become a subgroup of GLAD. Soon after, the group changed its name to "Glad: UNT's Queer Alliance", dropping the acronym, so as to be more inclusive.

The new meetings were held on campus bi-weekly (no pun intended). These meetings were often themed and would be based around an educational presentation on bisexuality, followed by discussion and, often, a TV episode of something bisexual-themed (such as Bob and Rose or Torchwood). Examples of meeting topics include "Bisexuality in the Media", "Coming Out", and "Asexuality and Biromanticism".

By the Bi later became weekly, and in the fall of 2009, Glad and By the Bi (in association with DFW BiNet and FMLA) brought bisexual activist Robyn Ochs to UNT.

In 2010, Ludlow and TF left By the Bi, and it was picked up by MB and JC. Currently , By the Bi continues to run weekly, with a broad range of meeting topics. It now, also, holds its own officership separate from Glad.


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