1711 S. Loop 288

University Union, UNT Campus
Student Union, TWU Campus
2410 W. University Drive

(940) 382-8149 (S. Loop 288)

(940) 369-8597 (UNT)

(940) 898-3665 (TWU)

(940) 387-7881 (W. University) 


Chick-Fil-A is a national chain of fast food restaurants serving a variety of tasty chicken based entrees and other things that go well with them.   

It is unknown what makes their chicken so popular.  Some say it is seasoned with love.  Some think its sadly un-hip to say that and instead say it is a some other special seasoning.   Whatever the case, there are normally long meandering lines leading up to the counters and drive-through windows at any time of day when people would be hungry.  But their staff is also friendly and usually is able to take care of everybody with just a minimal wait.  The W. University location in particular has also been known to greet their regulars by name. 

All Chick-Fil-A restaurants are closed on Sundays as a religious observance.  This all but guarantees their customers will be craving the chicken at least one day a week.