If you want fresh, locally grown food, but don't want to give up the convenience of a supermarket or grocery chain/store, then food cooperatives are for you. According to Local Harvest, food cooperatives are worker or customer-owned independent businesses that provide grocery items of the highest quality and best value to its members. Generally, co-ops or CSAs (community supported agriculture) allows the individual to buy local and seasonal food directly from the farmer. To be a member of a co-op usually requires a one-time buy-in (refundable if you decide to leave), followed by weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly purchases either by "share" (lump sum of vegetables in a box) or custom orders/shopping lists by availability.

A list of cooperatives based in Denton:

  • Against the Grain Cooperative- cooperative that seeks to provide the most competitive pricing on everything organic for their subscribers! You may also pay-per-order if you choose not to subscribe. 
  • Cross Timbers Food Cooperative - cooperative that provides a variety of local (not necessarily natural or organic) food from a variety of farmers and ranches; may also sell soaps, textiles, etc from local producers
  • Willow Bend Garden Cooperative - share-based cooperative or food buying club that provides organic vegetables and fruit.

A list of CSAs in Denton County or near Denton:

  • Earthwise Gardens - a weekly CSA in Denton, TX that sells Texas-grown, organic produce, eggs, meats, cheese, oil, and vinegar. Also has a storefront at 728 N. Elm St.
  • Aunt Sue's Barn - a pick-your-own cooperative based in Ponder, TX.
  • Cardo's Farm Project - an organic farm in Ponder, TX that provides organic produce in weekly CSA orders in the spring and fall
  • Mansion Farms - a micro farm and CSA based in Roanoke, TX that provides organic produce, eggs, and pasteurized meats.
  • Urban Acres - is a food co-op in North Oak Cliff that provides local and organic food.




Denton Community Market, Cardo's Farm Project