Part of the Denton Thrift sign

708 W University Dr
between El Matador and Lamb Christian Stores
Sun. 11-6, Mon-Sat 9-7
940 243-3831
Names of owners/proprietors here
Date, i.e. 1st January 1900
Payment Method
no checks taken

Denton Thrift is a decent thrift store on University. Prices on most things are usually much lower than at Goodwill down the street, but this store has a lot less organization. The left-hand side of the store is the women's section, with the men's section on the far right side; aisles contain similar types of clothing generally sorted by size, but sections are not marked. There is a decently-sized assortment of shoes of all descriptions in the middle, but the selection appears to be shrinking over the course of recent visits. The back wall of the store is the general "decorative junk" area, where you can find dishes, decorations, questionable electronics, etc. This store does not stock furniture.

Pricier items are toward the front of the store - things with designer labels or store tags still attached are on circular racks and will often cost more than you'd expect. Hats and pricier shoes can be found at the front of the store behind a counter, as well.

If you plan on shopping here, take note: there are no fitting rooms. Either wear close-fitting clothes you can try things on over, or bring a measuring tape with you.