There are many life forms in Denton. One of the most common is the Homo Sapien, which requires constant consumption of food and drink. These are their stories.




Eating Out

Denton is rich with restaurants of all sorts.


There are like a billion grocery stores in Denton. If you need food, you can go to them and buy some.

There's also a Denton County Farmers' Market.

Special diets

Some people have allergies, others religious or ethical beliefs. These things can inhibit the devouring of food. But don't worry. We're here to help.



See Alcohol for full article

People like to get a little bit crunk in Denton. There are many bars conducive to this.

Liquor cannot be sold in Denton by stores. There are plenty other forms of crunk juice all over the place, however.

Coffee and Tea

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Coffee is said to be the only thing linking computer scientists and hipsters (besides printed t-shirts). It is used by many students to help stay awake late at night.


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There's juice, y'all!