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100 N Locust St, Suite 1

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Mike Christian, Founder and CEO

Stephen Hess, Founder and CTO

Joey Bryant, Founder and Director of Art

Kyle Rives, Founder and Artistic Lead

November 2008


Jovian Minds is a game developer comprised of industry veterans with nearly 40 years of combined experience in game development, from consoles to PC/Macs to mobile devices such as iPhone and Android.  The company has has recently created an original, multi-platform game called Trouble In Tin Town, Citizen Kake, the free version of Tin Town, a puzzle game for the Kindle e-ink devices called Jungle King and has also worked on various other games, promotional and business apps for web and mobile.

Jovian Minds has a long history of game development and working with partners to deliver fun digital experiences on a variety of platforms. The company has worked on everything from small budget adver-games with two week deadlines to multi-million dollar triple-A console titles with three year time-lines. This experience and flexibility has made the company good at accessing a clients needs and delivering on time, within budget and with exceptional end results.

Welcome to Jupiter, we love you.