Bell Avenue

Bell runs straight through the TWU Campus.

Cement City

Cement City is bordered on the north by West Oak St, the south by Prairie St, the east by North Texas Blvd, and the west by Bonnie Brae. It is called Cement City because of its lack of trees, grass, or other vegetation. Cement City is primarily substandard apartment buildings, many of which are owned by local slumlords.


Downtown Denton is defined by the Downtown Plan as the neighborhood bordered approximately by University Drive to the North, Carroll Blvd to the West, Bell Avenue to the East, and Eagle Drive to the South. It includes The Square, Industrial Street, and Bolivar Street.

Ector Street

Ector Street features unique 1 acre lots with large street buffer and an unusual configuration of a parking lane separated by a median on each side of the two lane street. Ector Street residents rallied to preserve the distinct character of their street in 2009 when an investor filed plans to build 2 additional houses on one of the 1 acre lots. The investor sold the property in 2009, and in 2010 the residents petitioned the City to enact permanent restrictions preventing more than one house per acre on the street.


Forrestridge is bounded by Teasley Lane, Hobson Lane, Country Club Rd, and Ryan Road.

Idiot's Hill

Idiot's Hill (formally called Crestwood Heights Addition) starts just east of the Historic Bell Avenue neighborhood, and includes the area bounded by Sherman Drive, Windsor Drive, Nottingham Drive and University Drive. The name has many rumored origins, including that the original development in the 1950's was built on top of an old landfill, that the sandy soil and rolling hills of the area would cause foundation problems for anyone foolish to build there, that the houses in Idiot's Hill were roughly twice the price of comparable houses being constructed at the same time on the south side of Denton, and that a large number of professors working at TWU and UNT nee NTSU lived in the neighborhood. 

Old timers claim that Nettie Shultz Park was at one time a farm and moonshine was distilled in the local woods, thus negating the precise location of the stills by the "Revernooers". 

The neighborhood features heavy tree coverage and rolling hills, with the neighborhood elementary school and parks forming a pedestrian friendly pathway through the central neighborhood.



Oak-Hickory, or the Oak Hickory Historic District, extends down Oak and Hickory from Carroll Boulevard to approximately Welch Street. It features some of the oldest and largest houses in Denton, including the Evers Mansion.

PECAN (Panhandle-Egan-Congress Area Neighborhood)

Panhandle Street

Sequoia Park

Small neighborhood east of TWU (between Mingo and University Dr.) with streets named after Native American tribes. 

South East Denton

South East Denton is a community just east of the railroad tracks. It is the home of Denton's African American community ever since they were forced to leave Quakertown in the 1920s. Morrison's Corn-Kits is located on the western edge of the neighborhood. Sometimes this area was referred to as "Helltown."


Southridge is the neighborhood bounded by I-35E, Teasley Lane, and Lillian Miller Parkway.

Northpointe University Park

Growing neighborhood in north Denton that is currently in phase 4 of development.  Earlier homes in the development were built by Lennar, and the newer homes were and are being built by Wyndham.

West Oak Historic District

West Oak extends from the south side of Scripture to the west side of Jagoe to the south side of Oak, and includes all of the houses on Houston Place.

Wind River Estates

This is a concrete/manmade hell hole of a neighborhood. <---(All neighborhoods are manmade, you fool!)