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105 Avenue A , between Campus Bookstore and Jimmy John's
Mon - Sat 9:30 am - 3 am
Sun 10:30 am - 3 am
(940) 484 7482
Official site
Tim Raietparvar
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The Pita Pit is a restaurant near the UNT campus. Its food is sort of fast-food/Americany/Greeky/Something, and kinda seems kinda healthier than other fast food, sort of, maybe or whatever.  It's open until 3 am every night, which can be convenient, since most people out that late are hungry, Fry Street drunks. What an exciting time of night!

When compared to other Pita Pits, this one is a bit of a disappointment.  Vibes aren't as vibin' and veggies aren't as fresh as either the Austin or College Station Pit.  Still, the Tzatziki sauce, Falafel, and Secret Sauce are something you cannot find at any other franchise.  Pita Pit is a great, super chill restaurant with great potential, but Denton just isn't doing it right.  If you're looking for a quality gyro, try Yummy's on University.    

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