The City of Denton, like most larger American towns, has many churches and other religious organizations representing a wide variety of denominations. Denton is located in the Bible Belt and so has a large representation of evangelical churches—however, the presence of two universities has a strong liberalizing and diversifying effect on Denton and many moderate and liberal denominations, as well as other religions, are represented.

List of Christian Churches and Buildings


The First Methodist Church is near the square.

Catholic and Orthodox

Latter Day Saints

Unitarian Universalist Churches

The Denton Unitarian Universalist Fellowship is Denton's Unitarian Universalist church. Its services are open and its fellowship accepting, and so it is sometimes attended by other liberal religionists (such as Quakers, who have no church in Denton at this time) and non-religious Dentonites.

Islamic Organizations

Jewish Organizations

There are no synagogues in the City of Denton at this time—the nearest synagogue is the Congregation Kol Ami in Flower Mound. UNT hosts a Jewish Studies program and has a campus Jewish organization, UNT Hillel.


Buddhist, Taoist, and Confucian

Bahá'í Faith



Wiccan and Pagan

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