Outside Riprocks (2011-10).  Look at those bike racks

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1211 W Hickory St
Between Lucky Lou's and Crooked Crust
11AM-2AM all Seven Days of the Week. Every week. Even on X-mas!
(940)382 3231
Official Site
Anita and Martin Bruno, Gayla Hooten

Riprocks is a bar on Hickory Street off Fry Street.

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They host live music some weekends and have the usual bar games.

Riprocks is said to be the oldest running bar in Denton.

There is a 5$ lunch basket everyday from 1-4 great for students at the nearby college.

Happy Hour

2-7PM every day (except Friday it is extended to 10PM and all day Sunday)

Weekly Events

Tuesday's- ping pong tournament with $$ prize

Wednesday's- geeks who drink trivia and free pool all day

Friday's/Saturday's- old school DJ and live local bands



Has a urinal trough.  Not cool for the shy bladder. 

Edit: trough has been replaced with 3 urinals but there's no where to go number two.


2 stalls close enough for chit chat like you girls do



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I was an international exchange student in 91-92 and had many great nights in here meeting many new friends. Glad to see its still around !

2011-01-18 20:47:21   One Christmas, when it was snowing and I was in a Dickensian mood, I walked into "Rips" wearing a top hat and full-length duster; totally craving Bailey's, whiskey and coffee... They had the machine, but no coffee, :( So, at their suggestion, I left and brought back some coffee for them to make and they totally hooked it up! Made for an AWESOME holiday away from the family. Friendliest staff and easily the best bar in Lil' D! —