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Hailey's Creepy Alley, by Bill Ellison.Writer-comic, Sarah Crisman, inadvertently fell into the music industry by running around with too many jazz students during her days at the University of North Texas (and subsequent years as a Dentonite).  It began the moment she took over the GreenHouse jazz nights and did not relinquish until after several tours of duty with Backside Pick and Snarky Puppy,  Crisman sought refuge in the cold embrace of stand-up comedy and Public Radio.  As Urban American Beat columnist for MTV UK’s The Wrap Up, her passion and expertise fixed upon the sounds creeping out from under the rafters of the church -- comes naturally to a girl who grew up equally between Chicago Blues and the Dirty South.  Video interviews for MTV UK (Los Angeles, 2011) feature Natasha Bedingfield, PJ Morton, and Paris Jones.   Her focus previously lead to work as a New Media Analyst for The Diffusion Group and a brief round as Music Editor of Pegasus News until Oso Closo broke up, igniting within our heroine a mild existential crisis.  Naturally, this sort of behavior unfolds the world into a host of new dilemma best purposed for cult programming. 

Thus was born the Crisman Show, first appearing on My Denton Music (July, 2009).  First season guests included Denton favorites RTB2, Trebuchet, Spooky Folk, and comedian Doug BensonThe Crisman Show is now a weekly podcast, featuring more music, more jibber-jabber, and an improved, emotionally-detached hostess. (Now available on iTunes).  Each episode opens with the tap-dancing earworm theme song composed by Crisman's dear friend, Graham Richards.  Miss Crisman also wrote the preface for Mr. Richards' jazz theory book, Piano, Yeah!

Crisman is now based in the Bay Area of California, where she is working an enhanced audiobook collection of essays with Graham Richards.