The Denton Affair was a series of events that took place in 1969 (or 1974) in Denton.

A reconstructed dramatization of the events, called The Rocky Horror Picture Show, receives an annual viewing at UNT every October, around Halloween time.

Summary of Events

"The Denton Affair" is a strange tale involving the pair of young lovers, Denton High graduates, Brad Majors and Janet Weiss.

UNT Denton Viewings

A reconstruction of events, co-starring UNT graduate Meat Loaf, was presented in 1975 by noted criminologists Charles Gray, Jim Sharman, and Tim Curry as a musical film. A competing reconstruction, by Richard O'Brien, claims that the events occurred in 1969 as presented in a lecture aria series, but these disputing factions do not seem to quarrel, and in fact have published several papers on the subject jointly. O'Brien also claims the events occurred in Denton, Ohio; not Denton, Texas; the other criminologists were not available to refute or clarify this point.

The 1975 reconstruction is shown every year at UNT and has become something of a cult favorite. The event is usually hosted by several UNT organizations, including UPC, FMLA, and Glad. The proceeds go to Health Services of North Texas.



Brad and Janet Get Lost in Denton

After attending a marriage of their friends, Brad and Janet are inspired to get engaged. While driving to visit an old high-school teacher, Dr. Everett Scott, they become lost and stuck in a rain shower, apparently quite far away from I-35, perhaps near Old Alton Bridge, when their car breaks down. They walk to a nearby castle hoping to find help, but are instead greeted to a odd cast of characters: Riff Raff, a hunch-backed butler, his sister, Magenta, a maid, and Columbia, a groupie. They find the castle is holding a "Transylvanian Convention" with several other guests, awaiting the arrival of their host Dr. Frank-N-Furter. The bizarrely-dressed Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a transvestite, arrives from his lab and announces he has discovered the "secret to life, itself" with funding from FEMA. He is introduced to Brad and Janet, and allows them to join him as he demonstrates his discovery.


The Couple are Witnesses to a Scientific Breakthrough and a Murder

In the lab, Dr. Frank-N-Furter harnesses electricity from the storm to bring to life his creation, Rocky Horror; an astoundingly muscular young man that Frank-N-Furter appears to have created for his own carnal pleasure. The success is interrupted by the Eddie, an ex-delivery boy, and Columbia's former love, breaking out of the lab's freezer; half of Eddie's brain had been used in the creation of Rocky. Frank-N-Furter observes that Eddie's behavior is badly influencing Rocky, and in a fit of jealous, lures Eddie back in to the freezer and kills him, much to Columbia's chagrin. As the other guests depart, Brad and Janet are shown to separate rooms, while Frank-N-Furter takes Rocky to his own bedroom.


Shenanigans Ensue

Later that night, Brad and Janet are both separately visited by Frank-N-Furter, disguised as the other, and tried to lure then into sexual activities. Janet refuses and wanders into the lab where she finds Rocky alone. She and Rocky begin to become sexually involved before they are caught by Frank-N-Furter and Brad. As they accost each other, Riff Raff discovers that another visitor has arrived, the wheelchair-bound Dr. Scott, and Frank-N-Furter draws him into the lab. Dr. Scott states he was only looking for his nephew Eddie, but Frank-N-Furter believes Dr. Scott is a government agent investigating UFO activity, and that Brad and Janet were acting as his agents the whole time.


Ritual Cannibalism

Frank-N-Furter demands that everyone have dinner with them, but the group soon discovers that that served meat came from Eddie. Horrified, Janet runs to Rocky's embrace for comfort, and Frank-N-Furter has realized that Rocky is now ruined. A chase through the castle eventually leads them back to the lab, where Frank-N-Furter uses the Medusa Transducer to transform Brad, Janet, Dr. Scott, Rocky, and Columbia into statues. Frank-N-Furter instructs Riff Raff and Magenta to prepare them for the stage show; out of sight, the two realize their own plan is nearing conclusion.


Shenanigans with Aliens and Conclusion

In the stage hall, the statues are returned to life, under the influence of Frank-N-Furter's hedonistic ways before they are interrupted by Riff Raff and Magenta, now dressed in alien outfits. Riff Raff stages a mutiny over Frank-n-Furter, and demand they return to their planet of Transsexual in the galaxy of Transylvania. Distressed, Frank-N-Furter attempts to plea with Riff Raff, but instead, he is killed by Riff Raff's laser gun. Rocky is traumatized by the death, and attempts to flee with the body, but Riff Raff also kills him along with Columbia. Riff Raff gives his condolences to Dr. Scott for his nephew's death, and then warns him, Brad, and Janet to leave as the entire castle will soon be lifting off to return them home. Brad, Janet, and Dr. Scott watch from the remains of the castle as it disappears.