Denton has no shortage of things to do.


A bunch of people doing a thing that is biking.

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The Square is a popular hangout spot. There is always plenty to do there. Some evenings, there are drum circles on the lawn of The Courthouse, which is a pretty awesomely nice place to hang out.


Denton is a fun town to walk or cycle around. There are also more organized forms of active entertainment.


There are many opportunities for dancing fiends and queens to strut their stuff in Denton. Hailey's is where it's at on Thursdays (80s nights).


There are a few unique shops in Denton where you can satisfy your consumeristic urges. Denton has quite a few thrift stores, jewelry and accessory shops and other places both on and off the Square


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If you're willing to foot the costs, Denton has two bowling lanes: University Lanes and Brunswick Zone. There are also several groups that organize sports, such as North Texas Bike Polo and Disc Golf.

The geography of North Texas means that much of the area surrounding Denton is mostly flat and sparse of trees. There are several good locations for kite flying.

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There are some cycling groups also. There is Tuesday Bike Night, where people meet at the UNT Language Building by Fry Street. There is also a women's cycling group called The Vaginees.


  • Camping inside of Denton's city limits isn't possible unless you are on private property and have the property owner's permission (example: backyard campout). Dentonites wanting to camp will often drive up to Lake Ray Roberts for a weekend camping trip.
  • Group camping is a fun social activity, and some Denton organizations will organize group camping trips. Glad, the FTA, and FMLA have all organized group camping trips in the past. Discretion should be used when consuming alcohol at public campsites, especially after 10 pm.


Old Alton Bridge is a neat place to hike.


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And some that are weekly events, such as Tuesday Bike Night.

There are recurring events in Denton, such as Drink and Think.

There are some that are annual events, like Arts and Jazz Festival.

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