201 Dallas Dr.

24 hours on Fridays and Saturdays

7am-8pm Monday through Thursday 

(940) 382-0720
Payment Method


Visa/MC ($5 min purchase)

Tortilleria la Sabrocita, as the name implies, is a tortilla factory.  They also have amazing tacos, burritos, and pork rinds.  Taco Lady has met her match!  Dare I say it, Taco Lady has had her Taco ass kicked.

Open nonstop from Friday morning until Sunday evening, then "normal restaurant hours" during the week - in other words, none of the lunch-only hours that so many Denton taquerias seem to follow.  The salsa is amazing, the chips are more amazing.  Everything is made from scratch.  You will weigh 500 lbs when you leave here, but it'll be 500 pounds of happy.

Bring your español - the menu is entirely spanish, and it's hit and miss if the staff that day will speak any english whatsoever.  Pointing at items on the menu works; slowly yelling "IIIII WAAAANNNNTTTT TAAAACOOOOSSSSSS" will probably irritate them greatly.  If nothing else, you really should know what the differences are between lengua, tripe, and pollo.

There's not much in the way of seating, 4 or 5 booths in a shed added to the side of the building.