Avenue A at the UNT Language Building across from Fry Street Public House
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Tuesday Bike Night is a cycling event that takes place every Tuesday night. There are some anecdotal reports that this event goes back to the late 70s/early 80s.

Tuesday Bike Night has been a staple for Denton's cycling community for years.  Although there is no traditional manner in which a leader is picked, it usually reverts to the rider who has been attending the longest and leadership has been passed down through the years as different leaders move away .  Rides are no-drop (meaning it is a ride for all skill levels and no one will be left behind) and usually entail a 3-10 mile ride depending on weather, amount of participants, and other factors.  While the route is different each week, the ride always leaves from the UNT Language Building and ends at the downtown Denton square.  

Events and other info are available on  Facebook under the name Tuesday Bike Night. 


A two story freak bike.

 Riders pass by the Square.