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The University of North Texas (informally UNT, North Texas, or between students on the campus) is a public university located in Denton, Texas . With an enrollment of over 36,000 students, UNT is the fourth-largest university in the state by enrollment. It is one of the two universities in Denton, the other being Texas Woman's University.

The UNT Administration Building can be seen from most parts of campus.


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The University of North Texas was founded in 1890 by Joshua Crittenden Chilton as the Texas Normal College and Teacher Training Institute (TNC). Chilton leased three separate facilities above a hardware store on Denton’s main square. At the time, Denton was a small town of only 3,000 people. After three years tenure, facing financial hardships and declining health, Chilton agreed to release his title and interest in Texas Normal College to the City of Denton. Since its inception, the institution has had its name modified six times. In 1894, the name became North Texas Normal College (NTNC), followed by North Texas State Normal College (NTSNC) in 1901. The institution was known as North Texas State Teachers College (NTSTC) in 1923, North Texas State College (NTSC) in 1949, and North Texas State University (NTSU) in 1961, before becoming the University of North Texas in 1988.

General Information

UNT's official colors are green and white and UNT is sometimes branded The Mean Green, especially at sporting events. Its official mascot is Scrappy the Eagle.

The school has a history of albino squirrels and a bunch of famous alumni. These famous people include Don Henley, Robocop, Meatloaf, Norah JonesDr. Phil, Anne Rice, The Eli Young Band, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Joe Greene.


For more information see UNT Campus (main page) and UNT Buildings.

Residence Halls

  • Bruce Hall is the land of music majors, art students, and gamers. It is the oldest residence hall.
  • Clark Hall is home to the Emerald Eagle Scholars program.
  • College Inn is an upperclassmen hall with an outdoor pool.
  • Crumley Hall is a female only dorm. It also houses the central offices of Housing and Dining.
  • Honors Hall is a residence hall reserved for students in the Honors College.
  • Kerr Hall is the largest hall on campus.
  • Legends Hall is one of the newest residence halls. It is next to College Inn.
  • Maple Street Hall is another freshmen hall.
  • McConnell Hall is also known as the TAMS Dorm because it houses TAMS students. TAMS students are high school juniors and seniors that take classes at UNT to finish their high school degrees while also earning 2 years of college credit.
  • Mozart Square sits across from Honors.
  • Santa Fe Square is a very nondescript hall for upperclassmen.
  • Traditions Hall is like Santa Fe but for freshmen.
  • Victory Hall is located near the athletics offices.
  • West Hall is the hall of mystery and the second oldest residence hall.


Academic Buildings

Other Buildings

Colleges and Schools

For more information see UNT Colleges and Schools (main page).

Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science (TAMS)

See Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science.

Legends and Myths

The 1991 comedy film Necessary Roughness starring Scott Bakula and Sinbad was partially shot in Denton.  The UNT campus was used as a stand-in for the movie's "Texas State" college during the filming of the college and football scenes.




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