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1210 West Hickory Street

near CopyPro Copy Center and Crooked Crust

Mon-Sun: 11am - 2am
(940) 382-7025
Facebook page
Anita and Martin Bruno

Cool Beans is a pleasant little bar and restaurant by Fry Street, with absolutely revolting restrooms. (Update: There are new restrooms. They're not revolting.)

They also serve food until midnight.

 It also has wi-fi. There are also many drink specials posted almost daily on their facebook page.

Cool stuff to do:

Sunday - Brunch until 3pm
Tuesday - Trivia Night, free to play @ 8:00, $3 You-Call-Its, Cool Beans Bucks pay out to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place
Thursday - Pub Poll (Family Feud style trivia), free to play @ 9:00, $2 frozen and rocks margaritas

Weekly Food Specials:



The 6 Slider Combo - $9 for 6 sliders, fries, and a soda (or $6.50 for 3 sliders).
Tuesday - $5 for two beef or veggie chili tacos, chips, queso, salsa, and a soda.
Wednesday - $4 grilled cheese, fries, and soda combo.
Thursday - $7 patty melt, fries, and soda combo.
Friday - $5 burger, fries, and soda combo.
Saturday - 25% off fried appetizers (includes Fried Cheese Sticks, Fried Pickles, and Jalapeño Poppers).
Everyday - $2.50 Cheese Fries from 2pm-7pm

Weekly Drink Specials 
Monday - $3 Damn Near Every Beer
Tuesday - $3 You-Call-Its
Wednesday - $3 Lonestar Chuggers, $3 IPAs, $3 double well rum
Thursday - $2.50 Call Tequila and Mexican bottled beer, $2 Margaritas
Friday - $3 Energy Shots: Blaster, Jager Bombs, etc., $4 double Vodka
Saturday - $4 double Beams
Sunday - Happy Hour Prices all day long.


Cool Beans is the last building standing on this particular Fry Street block.

Began in 1992 after the closing of The Library. Since the demolition of The Tomato and the other buildings east of Cool Beans in 2007, this bar looks very lonely. Before the demolition, there was another room connected to the ground level with a pool table. Now there is a strange step up into a wall. They still have games in the back, however.

Cool Beans is less lonely, now. Student housing is all over the place.

As of 2011, Cool Beans is the last of the original buildings standing on its block.  It is a beacon of hope for everyone who hates The Man.


Veggie burger.

Cool beans hosts a regular "festival" called "beanstock". Get it?

The first Beanstock was in 2008. A bunch of bands play, and people drink and wrestle. The 2011 Beanstock was April 16 at 12:00pm - April 17 at 1:00am.



Three urinals, two sinks, and one enclosed stall.


Four stalls, two sinks. They are in a new building outside. 


2010-09-19 01:45:39 Not to mention, ...there lives a she-dwarf who will attack, snarling, IF you so much as walk past her flubbery mate. She stays behind the bar, otherwise.


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