Restaurants and Cafes

Though there aren't any strictly vegan or vegetarian food restaurants in Denton (with the notable exception of the Maple Hall cafeteria), there are some vegetarian-friendly spots:

Near the Golden Triangle Mall

  • Chipotle (2 locations, Mexican)
  • Chuy's (Mexican) - Try the Veggie Chimichanga (not vegan); customizable vegan fajitas are available upon request.
  • Pei Wei (Asian)
  • California Avocado (Now Closed) - brown or white rice vegetable roll; tofu rolls available
  • Mi Casita (2 locations) - guacamole tacos and off-the-menu veggie fajitas! (potatoes, bell pepper and onion)
  • Buffet King - several vegan options at the Mongolian grill + sometimes vegetable sushi
  • Sweet Basil - a few vegetable/curry dishes

Off the Square

UNT Campus

North Area- Near Hickory Street

Vegan stuffs from the salad bar at The Cupboard Cafe

South Area- Near Eagle Drive 

  • the Bowllery - vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free friendly bowls that combine cooked and mostly raw vegetables with sauces freshly made from scratch, and served over rice or soba noodles. Plus, vegan soups, salads, and juice.
  • Bawarchi Biryani Point (Indian) - has a lunch buffet
  • Mr. Chopsticks (Pan-Asian)
  • Rasoi (Indian)
  • Maple Hall Cafeteria Non-students can dine in the cafeteria for a fee of about 7 bucks.  

University Drive

  • Beirut (Mediterranean) - a new restaurant in Denton with lots of delicious vegan options (opened by previous owners of Caesar Island in Corinth)
  • Guatelinda (Guatemalan) - The enchilada guate is the go-to vegan option - beets and cabbage on a tostada. Bean and loroco pupusas are vegetarian, and can be made vegan with no cheese. Comes with yummy homemade sauerkraut. Also try the guacamole tostadas and rellenitos (sweet plantain dessert).
  • Jasmine's Cafe (Mediterranean) - Many of their products contain chicken stock.  Ask your server before ordering.
  • Lucky Gal's Tamales
  • El Matador (Mexican) - try the street tacos with guacamole or avocado instead of meat – SO GOOD! (Fyi there is bacon in the barracha beans) Also, they have veggie enchiladas, tostadas, and off-the-menu veggie fajitas (squash, broccoli, and/or whatever veggies they find in the kitchen)
  • Thai Ocha (Thai)
  • Yummy's Greek (Mediterranean)
  • I <3 Sushi - Green World Roll and Spring Rolls are vegan

There are several vegetarian guides for the DFW area and the state of Texas that may be useful:

University of North Texas

UNT actually has the nation's first vegan cafeteria: Maple Hall

Veg Groceries

  • The Cupboard is a health foods store with plenty of alternative vegetarian options, as well as a veg friendly cafe in the store.
  • Drug Emporium carries a large selection of organic and vegan dry and frozen goods, with the best prices on those items in town.
  • Vegan Freak (NOW CLOSED) was a vegan alternative foods store on Elm Street. It opened January 12th, 2011.
  • Cross Timbers Co-op offers a wide selection of local and organic produce.
  • Will Bend Garden Cooperative - a co-op that provides fresh, organic produce.
  • Earthwise Gardens is a local, organic produce company that just opened a new shop between the North branch library and the Howdy Doody.
  • Natural Grocers is a chain that opened in 2013 off of University Dr. 
  • Cardos Farm is a community farm and education center located in Ponder, TX.

Several grocery stores carry alternative foods, in particular the two Kroger stores and Target. Usually, these stores carry Amy's foods, meat substitutes like Morningstar for vegetarians, and tofu.


A number of vegetarian organizations have come and gone over the years at UNT.

A Denton Vegetarian Society potluck meal

  • Denton Vegan Cooperative
  • Mean Greens for Animals is a UNT animal rights organization, started by Alexandria Beck in August of 2013.
  • The Denton Vegetarian Society, founded in January 2010, is a growing organization of vegans, vegetarians, and foodies in the DFW area.
  • The Denton Organic Society devoted to educating both members and the public about organic principles including gardening, landscaping, sustainable land-use, biological pest management, health implications, and lifestyle choices through monthly programs, workshops, and field trips.
  • Denton Vegan is a fairly new (2011) vegan blog about Denton.
  • Peace Kitchen is a monthly community event held at Cardo's Farm where a free, vegan lunch is provided to all visitors at the farm. Cardo's Farm produces vegetables, eggs, and some dairy.
  • Slow Food UNT


  • Vegan 101 and Vegan Drinks are DFW organizations that provide opportunities to meet other vegans, south of Denton.
  • Mercy for Animals, (No Longer in DFW) a national animal rights organization, organizes leafleting, demonstrations, and meet up events in DFW.
  • Animal Connection Texas is a local animal rights organization that is currently campaigning against circuses in DFW.
  • Serenity Springs (Now Closed) is the nearest animal sanctuary in Forestburg, TX.
  • The Humane League took over Mercy for Animals' place in DFW in early 2013.