Deputy Director of the Detroit Public Library. Her annual salary as of 2011 was $145,000. Her 3-year contract was renewed in 2009.

She piloted the Hype (Helping Young People Excel) Center project that is now an umbrella for teens focused programs, that help keep the kids out of the streets. Juliet's vision for the HYPE center is that the DPL will provide an environment that inspires the teens to achieve their highest potentials. They are currently offering various teen workshops from Bike Tech, DIY Crafting, Graphic Design, to Sewing and Robotics.

In May 2011, the Library Commission moved to buy out Machie's contract. Machie helped lead the controversial expansion of the Library's South Wing. A Commission report shows Frye Gillan Molinaro Architects, a Chicago-based firm was given a $125,600 contract to manage design the Wing without filing a bid with prices. The firm previously had legal trouble with the library.

Machie has also taught for Wayne State University in the School of Library and Information Science.