Former top lawyer for the City of Detroit. Was replaced by Dave Bing and the City Council for challenging the 2012 consent agreement ("financial stability agreement") with the State, claiming that it violated the City Charter

2013 Mayoral Election

Crittendon is 2013 mayoral candidate. She formally announced her candidacy at Bert's Marketplace near Eastern Market on January 26, 2013. She received just over 6% of the vote, finishing in third. 

Benny Napoleon asked her in October 2013 to serve as deputy mayor if he is elected.


Priorities: collecting revenue and creating jobs

A focus on collecting revenue: Critendon says the city has a culture where debtors will not pay because they know the City will not come after them. Advocates adding staff to revenue-generating departments.

Debt: Believes the city must stop borrowing money. (Ed: Not sure if this is possible)

Crime: Jobs are the answer. Hoping to bring in experts. 

Belle Isle: Sees Belle Isle as a distraction from more important policy issues. Would not be opposed to a fee. 

Hantz: Not opposed to the deal, but has concerns that residents were not heard, the amount of land sold was large, and that there was no concrete plan involved.

Public lighting: DTE acquire, repair, and operate the City's portion of the public lighting system. 

Candidate interviews