In 2009, Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm appointed Bobb as Emergency Financial Director for the Detroit public school system. Through this position, he assumes full financial authority for the school district which in recent years has had a sharp decline in student enrollment and poor academic performance.

Bobb received a bachelors degree from Grambling State University and a masters degree from Western Michigan University. Bobb has acted as city manager for a total of 30 years in the cities of Kalamazoo, Michigan; Santa Ana, California; and Richmond, Virginia (1986-1997).


March 2009

Appointed John E. Bell Jr., a former FBI agent, as inspector general to identify corruption and fraud in the DPS.

August 2009

An August audit of the DPS Police Department found "gross abuses" overtime and attendance rules. Hundreds of unused, including BlackBerry phones, motorcycles and metal detectors were also found.

November 2009

Bobb announces lawsuits against four people who have refused to testify at his hearings on questionable real estate transactions with DPS: DPS board member Anthony Adams; presidents of the Farbman Group, David and Andy Farbman, and Sharon Harbin, and appraiser who worked for the school district.

Bobb announced a day later that the Farbman brothers would meet privately with him.

December 2009

Darice Weber is appointed as Special Assistant Attorney General to represent Bobb.

January 2009

April 2010

  • Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Wendy Baxter granted an injunction against Bobb from the School Board, temporarily halting his authority to make decisions about district academics pending a review of his authority. Attorney General Mike Cox is appealing on Bobb's behalf.

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