Coffee shop in Midtown Detroit, on Second Avenue across the street from Model D and the Green Garage. Names itself "The only 3rd wave coffee house in Detroit!" -- coffee, not feminism, but probably that too. It usually has a good crowd of students, locals, people having meetings, but it's still a nice quiet place to sit and read. 

They've got free printing with a purchase! (up to 10 pages) This is genius. ​

Brenda Jarvis is the owner. Thistle was an extension of the nearby Riverside Community Church, which was closed in April 2012.

Closed June 22, 2012. From the Thistle Facebook page:

This Status is to let everyone know that as of Friday June 22, Thistle Coffee House will be closed due to a greedy landlord who is asking for way too much a month for rent. I want to thank each and every one of you who have been supportive and kind. Who have loved us and allowed us to love you back. Thank you all for making the last year wonderful, I will miss you all very much.