WWJ is the call letters used for CBS owned-and-operated radio and television properties in Detroit.

WWJ AM "Newsradio 950"

WWJ Newsradio 950 is Detroit’s only all news radio station, with traffic and weather updates on the 8s, 24 hours-a-day.

WWJ-TV "CBS 62" programming

At first an independent station called WGPR-TV, signed on in 1975. They had an even lower budget than the two other television independents on the air at the time (WKBD and WXON) and continued using handmade identifications all the way until CBS purchased the station in 1995 after their programming was evicted from WJBK on December 11, 1994 due to that station acquiring Fox from former charter affiliate WKBD.

WWJ-TV also had one of the lowest-powered television transmitters in the entire Detroit market and CBS ratings locally suffered until they finally managed to erect a new transmitter along Eight Mile Road in 1999. Despite this, WWJ is still one of the weakest CBS stations owned by the network, in stark contrast to WJBK, which was one of their strongest affiliates.

  • 62.1: Main WWJ subchannel with CBS programming
  • 62.2: Decades

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