1440 Ary Lane
all week around 11:00am - 9:00pm
(707) 693-8688
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China Doll is one of a few Chinese restaurants in Dixon. They mostly do fast food heating bin style Chinese food. However, a few items are made to order. The most famous of these items is their lamb dish which won best lamb at the Dixon Lamb festival.


2008-01-21 16:09:53   Id say pretty good for heating bin food. Unfortunately, I didn't learn about the lamb until after I started eating. Some of the heating bin food seemed to be at an ambient temperature, but i didn't get sick, so im not complaining. EDIT *just had the lamb dish and its great, just the right amount of spice, with a slight sweetness. Its cooked with big hunks of mushroom, sliced zucchini, and bell peppers —Users/MattHh

2008-06-29 16:03:26   So when you say "heating bin" do you mean "steam table"? —Users/JimStewart

  • probably, heating bin is a more general term, ie. a steam table is a heating bin but not all heating bins are steam tables. —Users/MattHh