925 N. Adams street (inside Hometown Market)
(Sat/Sun 9 - 5 M-F 9-7)
(707) 678-5553
(Frank T)
(Late 2008?)
Payment Method
(Cash, Check, Charge)

They expanded the menu and have a full line of 1/3lb burgers and 1/4lb dogs as well as various grilled items (grilled cheese, BBQ pork, smoked turkey, tri tip, philly cheese steaks, reubens, fajita chicken) As well as the famous cold deli sandwich. $4.25 gets you one meat of your choosing ($1.25 per extra meat choice) loaded with great topics, comes in some solid butcher paper. The deli sliced pepperjack is well worth the 50 cents extra. You can choose from ham, salami, turkey, pastrami, or roast beef

Be sure to think of Frank T next time you need Catering

Frank's also makes family meals, but you have to order before 10 Am (chicken or tri tip + macaroni / potato salad + baked/green beans or corn) they run 35-40$ depending on what meat tickles your fancy


2011-03-14 22:30:55   Business no longer exists. Location changed to BigNugg BBQ in 2009 —EricDorman