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Tree Associates are arborists who provide expert opinion regarding landscape trees in Dixon, Solano County, Sacramento County and surrounding areas of northern California. They provide a wide range of tree services concerning tree preservation, appraisal and management to a diverse clientele. Their services include tree surveys, tree risk and root damage evaluation, tree health assessment, tree preservation plans, tree appraisal, expert witness testimony and forensic expert services. Their clientele include insurance companies and adjusters, attorneys, governmental agencies, developers, landscape architects, homeowners associations and homeowners.


Auto Accident Appraisal in Dixon, CA

I provided a damage assessment and loss appraisal for damages to a portion of a landscape that was damaged when an auto ran off the road striking a mature olive tree and other vegetation in Dixon, CA.



Root Damage to Sidewalks in Dixon, CA

I teamed up with Arborist Gordon Mann and worked with the City of Dixon to provide design strategies to mitigate tree root damage to sidewalks.


Orange tree in Dixon, CA


I was called to examine a mature orange tree on Mulberry Lane in Dixon which had wilted. Exposing the roots near the trunk revealed that the majority of the roots had died. The cause of root dieback was unclear although it may have been related to landscape construction and/or excessive irrigation. Since the tree had a poor prognosis for recovery, I recommended the tree be replaced.



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