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Cycling in the Twin Ports can be as easy or as hellish as you want it to be. From carefree lakeside jaunts in the summer to insane uphill battles againt the worst winter elements, there is a cycling adventure here for everyone.

Local groups promoting bike riding


A good helmet and reflective vest should be worn at all times. For night travel, good front and back lights are a must.  Remember that bike riding is relatively rare in the Twin Ports, so vehicle drivers do not automatically look for bikes when turning, etc. Cyclists should take extra care that brakes are well-maintained, as downhill travel requires maximum braking power.

Designated bike paths

Duluth-Superior Metropolitan Bike Map 

  • Duluth: 
  • Superior:

Best Up-Down Paths in Duluth

Traveling up the Duluth hillside requires a great deal of endurance. DTA buses have bike racks, so the less athletic among us can get back up the hill if we don't mind paying bus fare. Traveling downhill would seem a piece of cake, but due to the steepness and the generally poor condition of Duluth's roads, some paths are safer and/or more comfortable. Generally, they are the up/down paths with less vehicular traffic, where cyclists can take their time and weave in and out of potholes without being run off the road (or worse) by motor vehicles. One such path is the Tischer Creek "Fire Lane", a dirt road parallel to the creek that is off limits to vehicles. It is a rough ride to be sure, but probably a lot safer than most city streets.

"There is no shame in walking your bike up the hill."  ~ Carol Andrews