According to City of Duluth website, all councilors can be reached via this email address:

In addition, let's try to keep a list here of current members and their email addresses so we can email all the members individually, but in one email, by simply copying and pasting the list to our email recipient list:

Current Mayor and  Council as of June, 6 2016

Emily Larson (Mayor)

Zack Filipovich (At Large)

Jay Fosle (Precincts 28-34)

Howie Hanson (Precincts 21-27)

Barb Russ (At Large)

Joel Sipress (Precincts 8-13)

Elissa Hansen (At Large)

Noah Hobbs (At Large)

Gary Anderson (Precincts 1-7)

Em Westerlund  (Precincts 14-20) 

The email list:;;;;;;