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Gannucci's is a small Italian market on Duluth's West Side with authentic products including a nice deli selection. The deli offers cured meats, Italian cheeses and ready to eat items.

It is also an Italian restaurant with great food, authentic music and a large, nicely-decorated dining room in the back.

This is the real deal for Italian! (Not to mention a good selection of craft beers).

As of April 2015, Ganucci's owns the Jade Fountain Chinese restaurant next door (see DNT). Marco Polo would certainly be pleased with this buy-out!


301 N. Central Avenue

(218) 624-2286



After looking at all the import items in the store, I checked out the meat case. In addition to several kinds of salami and cured meats, they had fresh sausage.  I asked whether the sausages were hot or sweet.  "Not hot at all," the person behind the counter said, "No heat."  Which made me feel a bit skeptical, but I bought two anyway.  

I took them home, boiled them, and then browned them in a pan with peppers, onions, and garlic..  I was prepared to be disappointed.  But, I was not.  True, the sausages were not hot...but they were wonderfully flavorful and juicy.  Definitely worth a trip to the other end of town. (Esther Derby)