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Doggie BakeriesMatilda's Dog Bakery in Lakeside for healthy treat biscuits, plus chews, antlers, rawhides, and a variety of high quality kibble and canned food.

Doggie Gear: A Place for Fido at Fitger's 

Shelter/Rescue: Animal Allies, Friends of Animals/Humane Society of Carlton County

 Veterinarians: Dougherty Veterinary Clinics, Duluth Veterinary Hospital, Grand Avenue Veterinary Clinic, Affiliated Emergency Veterinary Service, Pet Care of Duluth


If you see a wild animal that is wounded or distressed, do not intervene yourself. You may do more harm than good. Contact our local wildlife welfare group, Wildwoods

Birding: Duluth Audubon

Monarch Butterfly Waystations:

Duluth: Public waystations include East High School butterfly waystation, Hartley Butterfly Garden, Lester Park Elementary School butterfly waystation, Gloria Dei Lutheran Church butterfly waystation. There are many more private waystations in Duluth.  

For info butterfly waystations, go to

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