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The name "Positively 3rd St. Bakery" was an inventive conjunction of Dylan lore (predating "Bob Dylan Way" by a quarter-century!) and geography. The financing was largely DIY; the founding generation worked at minimal wages to cover start-up costs. The model was whole-grain baking at affordable prices -- a business niche that the bakery is happy to inhabit to today.

Since 1982, the cooperative has grown to include fourteen fully vested members, all of whom work at the bakery and participate in running the business -- one member, one vote. The model emphasizes economic and environmental sustainability, customer service, and having fun.

Current Members (2015): Dan Proctor, Dave Sorensen, Jesse Harth, Teresa Whittet, Danie Jimenez, Joe Lindgren, Anton Jimenez-Kloeckl, Adam Kemp, Angi Ball, Roger Whittet, Erin Tope, Anna Bishop, Becca DeBoer, Alyssa Brown

Positively 3rd Street Bakery is a worker owned co-op determined to offer healthy, and affordable goods to their customers. With a strong focus on local and organic ingredients, they make a wide variety of wholesome breads, cookies, granola, pizza crusts, muffins, cakes and bars.

1202 East 3rd Street

(218) 724-8619