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The Happy Neighborhood Project is the brain-child of Edwin Edebiri, the Chief Happiness Officer of the I Am Happy Project. He started the I Am Happy Project in 2009 with a mission of spreading happiness globally one person at a time. That project is now in 64 cities in 18 countries. HNP  was started in 2015 to bring happiness to the marketplace. 

HNP believes that if consumers can identify businesses that are committed to great customer service and positive work environment, in other words happy businesses, they will spend less than writing and reading reviews.  HNP is committed to creating the largest database of Happy Businesses in the world. The Neighborhood is defined as a zip-code. The Neighborhood is defined as a zip-code. For example, zip-code 95831, which is a typical Happy Neighborhood, contains 42,227 people, 15,081 households, $68,893 average income, and 441 businesses. We have Happy Neighborhood Project in different zip-codes in the Sacramento Metro Area. The Happy Neighborhood Project allows us to encourage the economic impact of happy people on local businesses.

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