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The SLUG Queen, slug queen, or S.L.U.G. Queen (an acronym for the "Society for the Legitimization of the Ubiquitous Gastropod"), is the unofficial ambassador of the city of Eugene, where a new Slug Queen is crowned (usually) in the first week of September, during the Eugene Celebration.

The annual coronation process somewhat resembles a formal beauty pageant, but with a campy spin. The slug-themed pageant started in 1983. Cynthia Wooten, a city councilwoman, was discussing the idea of the very first Eugene Celebration with then City Manager Mike Gleason who wanted to name the city festival simply the 'Eugene Celebration'. Wooten, along with Karl Eysenbach and Paul Ollswang argued for the name 'Slugfest', but this was turned down by the rest of the City Council. Alana Probst organized the first Slugfest as an alternative to (and parody of) other cities' beauty pageants in her own backyard where the first Slug Queen was elected. The rebel group then enter a parade float in the first Eugene Celebration Parade shaped like a giant Slug with the first Slug Queen, a man named Bruce Gordon, riding in drag on it. This movement was in direct opposition to the wishes of the rest of the city council but was instantly popular with the crowds.

The new SLUG Queen is now selected annually, (usually) on the first Friday evening in September, in a three part competition that involves the judging of one's costume (based on campy appeal and overall sluggishness), a three-minute on-stage talent performance, and a single question designed to test the quick wit of each contestant. The SLUG Queen is chosen by a collection of past queens officially referred to as "old," not "former" queens as one of their mottos is "once a Queen—always a Queen". The judges base their assessments on three factors: originality, creativity, and a flamboyant outgoing personality. One important aspect that sets the SLUG Queen pageant apart from others is that bribery is accepted and encouraged and the judging is done by a panel of Old Queens. The moment a new queen is crowned, the old queens are open to bribery. Creative bribes curry the most favor with the old queens. They annually remind budding hopefuls to "Bribe early and bribe often". Since SLUG Queens retain the title of queen for life, and the power to crown new queens, they remain a vibrant, visible and vocal part of the community in their royal character. They use this visibility to raise awareness and funds for local causes and charities and host events in character. The Slug Queens pride themselves on representing the diversity of the City of Eugene. Anyone over the age of 21 is electable, provided they are able to impress the Old Queens. Since 1991, the Slug Queen coronation has been organized by Kim Still, who is the manager of the Eugene Saturday Market.

The new SLUG Queen presides over the parade at the Eugene Celebration, on a roving date in September, where the queen meets the public for her first official duty. She is also expected to open the Mayor's Art Show, and the Salon de Refuse, Maude Kerns Art Gallery's Jello Art Show in April, hold a charitable ball for the charity of her choice and "rain" over the coronation for the following year's SLUG Queen. She may choose to make other appearances throughout the year including: The Oregon Country Fair, Da Vinci Days, ribbon cuttings and openings, fashion shows, Art in the Park, and so on...