Cohousing, sometimes referred to as cooperative housing, has been prevalent for many years in Europe, and it started in Scandinavia. It is a recent phenomena here in the United States. Cohousing communities are resident developed neighborhoods which combine private homes with a shared community environment component, such as a community house, play areas, etc. Cohousing communities are planned and managed by residents. Typically, residents own the land in front of, under, and in back of their houses and share ownership of the common outdoor space and facilities. A standard configuration is a cluster of private homes with a large shared backyard space forming a parklike area in the center. Sharing may involve a variety of responsibilities, tasks, equipment, and pleasures such as community meals. Residents share in the maintenance of common property. Every household may also be expected to pay monthly dues to cover the cost of shared facilities and activities.

There have been several attempts to develop cohousing communities in Eugene, currently a group is working on developing Eugene Downtown Cohousing. More info on Cohousing can be found at The Cohousing Association of the United States website.