What do you know about Veolia?

Timeline: Veolia

March 18, 2015. Flint water consultant's final report recommends $3 million in changes. MLive / Flint Journal "Veolia North America makes a series of recommendations aimed at keeping the level of total trihalomethanes low in the report released Wednesday, March 18. The report was expected to be reviewed during a Water Advisory Committee meeting Thursday, March 19, at the Flint Public Library. "Although a review of water quality records for the time period under our study indicates compliance with state and federal water quality regulations, Veolia .... recommends a variety of actions to address improvements in water quality and related aesthetics," the 12-page report says."

March 12, 2015. Flint, Michigan Water Quality Report. "Corrosion Control – The primary focus of this study was to assure compliance with the TTHM limits. That is not the only problem facing the city and its customers though. Many people are frustrated and naturally concerned by the discoloration of the water with what primarily appears to be iron from the old unlined cast iron pipes. The water system could add a polyphosphate to the water as a way to minimize the amount of discolored water. Polyphosphate addition will not make discolored water issues go away. The system has been experiencing a tremendous number of water line breaks the last two winters. Just last week there were more than 14 in one day. Any break, work on broken valves or hydrant flushing will change the flow of water and potentially cause temporary discoloration."