MountianWise is a grant-funded program that address community issues with Western North Carolina. It is funded through a Community Transformation Grant, a program through the Center for Disease Control (CDC). 

General About the Organization/Mission

Mountainwise is a community group that serves the eight westernmost counties in North Carolina. They seek to address the issue of food access, healthy living, fitness, and nutrition in the area. 

Basic Info

Type of Organization Non-profit
Primary Contact Contact form
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Issues of Focus

  • Healthy food 
  • Active living 
  • Tobacco-free initiatives 

History of Organization

MountainWise was created through a CDC Community Transformation Grant, This program began in 2011 and seeks to facilitate healthier and more vibrant communities while reducing rates of chronic disease. 

Programs and Projects 

MountainWise contributes to the community with events and civic activism projects. This includes holding community workout events, seminars on healthful food practices, and much more. MountainWise also collaborates with the Mountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC) to address a wide range of community health issues 

Partners and Frequent Collaborators

Future Developments for This Wiki

Expand on specific efforts. This organization addresses a wide range of public health issues through different initiatives. 

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