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Fremont, CA 94539


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About Ohlone College

Ohlone College was established in 1965; Ohlone College is located in the city of Fremont. Ohlone College is a community college that can get students into CSU or to the UC. " The name Ohlone was suggested by Mr. Felipe Galvan to the founders of college in 1967." " The official name Ohlone was suggested on June 18, 1967, the honors institution early Ohlone Indians who inhabited the Fremont and Newark Area." Ohlone Community College first time door was opened in September 1967. The classes were Temporary first at site in the " former Serra center" Home for Girls it's been on Washington Boulevard in Fremont. After year later name Huddleson Ranch property, located in the Mission Foothills toward south of old Mission San Jose. In 2011-2012 Ohlone had celebrated 45th anniversary of serving the higher education.

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