Where’s My Money?

Hoggetowne Hack 2014 App Development Challenge

Honorable Mention Award Recipient


Creator: Eric L. Pheterson

Website/App Demo: http://pheterson.com/hh/index/?id=1

Status: Seeking Investment to Continue (Inquire Within!)

Where's My Money? App Presentation.pdf


In a Nutshell

  • Tinder for Expenses
  • Quick Up or Down
  • See Others’ Votes
  • Never-Ending Fun!



  • Dashboard
    • Highlight most hated expenses
  • Share your votes
    • Increase the rage!
  • Your ideas!?


  • Expose frivolous expenses
  • Hold government accountable
  • Curb their habits
  • …and have fun!


Eric L. PhetersonEric L. PhetersonEric L. Pheterson