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138 Prospect Avenue NE is located in Heritage Hill. It was built in 1925. It's architectural significance is WORTHY OF MENTION. Past owners include Charles B. Blair,C. Douglas Wasmuth, Jack H.B. Herts.


Blair House - 1971 Tour, 1984 Tour, 1996 Tour


Mr. Charles B. Blair built his lovely Elizabethan Revival style home in 1925, the half-timbering making its Tudorinfluence readily apparent. Typical of the English style are the many small paned mullioned windows. Note the interesting oriel window with its leaded diamond-shaped panes. This home was converted to a two-family home and then in 1969, back to a single-family residence, making it one of t he first homes to become part of what is a growing movement in the historic district -- the reconversion of homes, increased owner occupancy and a resulting decrease in residential density.

Geographic coordinates are 42.966127°N, 85.660193°WLatitude: 42°57′58.057″N
Longitude: 85°39′36.695″W

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