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218 Union Avenue SE is located in Heritage Hill. It was built in 1908. Past owners include Squier, Frank andMaryette Squier,Simmons, William D., Blair, Charles B., I. Henry Ronk Jr..


1989 Tour, 1998 Tour, 2003 Tour


This 1908 Queen Anne is considered the Cats Meow. Once home to over 70 cats, current owners spent four years removing damaged woodwork, flooring and moldings, marking each and bundlingit for cleaning and reinstallation, as well as gutting and rebuilding all the plaster and lath before they could finally move in. Now it truly is the cats meow!

Geographic coordinates are 42.959032°N, 85.654242°WLatitude: 42°57′32.515″N
Longitude: 85°39′15.271″W

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