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222 Madison Avenue SE is located in Heritage Hill. It was built in 1890. It's architectural significance is EXCELLENT. Past owners include McCormick, HenryF., McR Deane, Fred (1908-1911), Campbell, Dr. A.M. (1912-1918), Noel, John S. Major (1919-1927).


McCormick House - Walking Tour


1975 Heritage Hill calendar write-up: Henry F. McCormick, an attorney and partner in the law firm of Temple, Thompson and McCormick, built this home which is an excellent example of Stick style architecture in 1890. Mr. McCormick served as a member of the Mississippi Marine Brigade, also known as the "Hoss Marine", which fought rebel raiders on theMississippi River. He participated in the capture of Memphis, but was out of action before the end of the was because he was hospitalized when his horse was shot and fell on him. In 1912, this was the home of Dr. A.M. Campbell, one of the city's earliest physicians and possible the first to specialize in obstetrics. Dr. Campbell was the first maternity consultant for the Michigan Department of Health and served as the Chief of Staff of Blodgett Memorial Hospital. In a Stick style home, the detail emphasizes thehorizontal and vertical architectural members, a distinguishing feature which is readily apparent on this home. The furniture turning of the veranda and geometrical details around the windows reflect an Eastlake influence. In 1939 the house was turned into four apartments. (A.M. Cambell, early obstetrician)

Geographic coordinates are 42.958974°N, 85.659198°WLatitude: 42°57′32.306″N
Longitude: 85°39′33.113″W

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