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258 Morris Avenue SE is located in Heritage Hill. It was built in 1912. Past owners include Tannewitz, Edwardand Christina Tannewitz, Dodge, Dwight & Wittman, John.


Tannewitz House - 1977 Tour, 1997 Tour


Home Tour write-up: Built in 1912 by Edward Tannewitz, this home is a typical example of homes being built by people of means before the onset of World War I. Although they broke away from the "Victorian style of Architecture", they retained the interior amenities. Also, you will note that the low sloping roof andrectilinear massing borrows heavily from the Italianate style. A Palladian influence can be seen in the dormer window, denoting a reluctance to break totally with what were the traditions of the time. Mr. Tannewitz founded the Tannetwitz Works, a sawing machinery company in the early 1890's. He and his wife, Chrishana, had two children, Carl and Chrishana, neither of whom married. The children lived in the home after the death of their parents and Carl, the surviving son sold the house to Dwight K. Dodge and JohnWittman shortly before his death in 1976. The foyer is all mahogany paneling. The influence of Frank Lloyd Wright can be seen in the dining room casement, ribbon windows complete with geometrically designed leaded, stained glass.

Geographic coordinates are 42.958299°N, 85.657953°WLatitude: 42°57′29.876″N
Longitude: 85°39′28.631″W

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