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75 Union Avenue SE is located in Heritage Hill. It was built in 1922. Past owners include Smith, Burton E, Lieberman, Arthur A..


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This house, built in 1922, is a classic example of a colonial revival, an attractive building style for many dating from the late 1800�s through the 1940�s. It wasn�t until around 1915, however, that it became popular to use brick on the exterior of a colonial revival. It�sbelieved the current owners are only the 4th owners of this home and its classic detailing and floor plan have remained virtually untouched since its construction. A perfectly designed kitchen and sun porch are favorite rooms of the owners.

Geographic coordinates are 42.960996°N, 85.65436°WLatitude: 42°57′39.586″N
Longitude: 85°39′15.696″W

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