Ben Schaafsma was born on September 7, 1982 in Grand Rapids, MI. At the age of 9, he cataloged all of his books and dubbed VHS videotapes and created a library in his basement for the rest of kids in his neighborhood. By the age of 11, Schaafsma was able to give detailed directions between any two points in the Grand Rapids metro area. These interests have remained visible in his recent endeavors.


  1. 1989-93 Grandville Public Schools
  2. 1993-96 East Grand Rapids Public Schools
  3. 1996-2001 Forest Hills Central Public Schools
  4. 2001-06 Calvin College
  5. 2006-08 School of the Art Institute-Chicago


Schaafsma has been involved with:

  1. Civic Studio
  2. The DAAC
  3. G-RAD
  4. LAMB
  5. IBL
  7. NEST
  8. New Blood

Cascade Fellowship CRC

Popular Culture

Schaafsma is known in some circles as "I know you asshole," a reference to the film The Royal Tenenbaums.

On the Internet

  1. Benner