Festival of the Arts is the largest all-volunteer arts event in the United States, taking place in Grand Rapids on the first full weekend in June. More than 500,000 people gather to enjoy the Festival with the help of 20,000 volunteers.[1] Festival celebrates the performing, visual, and culinary arts. The festivities take place in the Heartside-Downtown neighborhood with a majority of activities located at Calder Plaza and the Monroe Mall, though other parts of the city have joined in the celebration.


Catalyzed by the 1969 installation of La Grande Vitesse, the first Festival was held in 1970 to celebrate the art of West Michigan.


Festival brings all types of people together for a weekend of free art appreciation.

  • Volunteers
  • Musicians/Bands
  • Dancers
  • Performers
  • Visual Artists
  • Children
  • Teenagers
  • Adults
  • Families
  • Locals
  • Out-of-towners
  • Nonprofit Food Vendors

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