Jeff VandenBerg—also know as JVB—is an artist, music promoter, and local business entrepreneur. VandenBerg is the founder of Friction Records and a founding member of The DAAC.


VandenBerg's artwork can be seen all over Grand Rapids. He has contributed to the 10eastern online bitmap series. This series saw the development of his Robot characters, which are a theme in many of VandenBerg's paintings. Other recurring themes in VandenBerg's paintings are animals and modified animals.

From the Dr. Von Cyborg series


VandenBerg runs Friction Records as well as Friction Screen Printing. Most recently (late summer 2007) VandenBerg opened The Meanwhile Bar at Wealthy and Diamond with his sister Tammy VandenBerg.

In Popular Culture

VandenBerg is shouted out in the Sensual Armed Forces track Fist In The Air ("D A A C, Fist in the air!, to the JVB").

VandenBerg's favorite actors are Wallace Shawn and Jake Busey.

One of VandenBerg's favorite actors