956 East Fulton Street
(616) 222-1169
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Owned and operated by Lou, who answers carry-out orders on his personal cell-phone, Little Africa is arguably the best Ethiopian restaurant locally and regionally. Visit their Yelp page to read reviews. It is also one of Grand Rapids' BYOB Friendly Establishments and is vegetarian.


Main Dishes

All of these dishes are served and eaten with traditional Ethiopian Flat Bread Injera

  • Tomato Salad: garlic, red wine, and lime dressing in a bed of fresh tomato, lettuce and green pepper
  • Ferfer (fu-fu): onion, garlic, and kale, tomato paste, and cayenne pepper
  • Soy Curry (everyone's favorite): a traditional curry dish of ground soy beans simmered in tomato paste, curry and cayenne
  • Red Lentil: spicy red lentils in a special blend of curry and cayenne with a touch of ginger, garlic and red onion
  • Alicha: fresh vegetables mix of potato, cabbage, green beans, green pepper, ginger and garlic
  • Azifa: a green lentil dish, simmered in green onion, garlic and ginger
  • Kik: a well seasoned split pea sauce prepared with tomato onion garlic and red wine
  • Shiro: a mild pea flour sauce prepared with our own special spice
  • Gomen: collard greens mixed with onion, jalapeno pepper, ginger and garlic

Side Dishes

  • Lentil Soup: well seasoned lentil stew
  • Tomato Soup/salsa: tomato, onion, green pepper, mixed with garlic, and spices
  • Lentil Samosa: a delicious and crunchy snack with lentil filling (Saturday only)

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