Mexicains Sans Frontieres is a multimedia performance space and loft apartment located at 120 S Division Ave. #226


 Founded in 1995 by Mexican- American artist Hugo Claudin, is his home and multi-media arts studio. Originally inteded only as a part time gallery the space has been used as an arts lab/rehearsal space/studio, and performance venue. Claudin learned the ropes of booking music acts at the defunct Enclave Cafe , 10 Weston Gallery, and Arco Iris.

Past Performers

Jack Wright, Steve Swell, Tatsuya Nakatani, Cooper Moore, Assif Tsahar, Chad Taylor, Panther, The Young Equestrians, Company Inc, The Reptet, The Fantastic Merlins, Diana Gameros, The End Times Orchestra, Mike Tamburo, Greg Ginn , Jambang, The Texas Taylor Corrugators, Dylan Sneed , Kristy Kruger, Company Inc, Brown Bird, Video Hippos, Mike Mangione, Johnny Unicorn, The Fainting Generals, and many others.

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