The Ottawa Tavern is the bar/restaurant side of bite. Until 2007 bite was a cafe, restaurant, and bar, but it has now been nominally divided into two entities, though both are still part of the Gilmore Collection. The tavern is named after its location on Ottawa Avenue in the Heartside-Downtown neighborhood of Grand Rapids.


They have notable hamburgers and an ingenious method of ordering:

  • You get a sheet of paper with a list of toppings, buns, and meats.
  • You check off which ones you want.
  • They make it for you.


The Ottawa Tavern has 12 beers on tap.


Some complain that the bar is too smoky. Summer months bring patio seating and a wonderful chance to drink beers in the sun whilst harried business people rush by wishing that they, too, could have a sweatingly icy beer.


The Ottawa Tavern is located in the Waters Building at 151 Ottawa Ave NW. Geographic coordinates are 42.966392° N, 85.670229 ° WLatitude: 42°57′59.011″N
Longitude: 85°40′12.824″W

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