Peter "Pete" Bruinsma was born to Grand Rapids Michigan in 1992. Prior to that, he lived in the southeast suburbs of Chicago and within the city of Indianapolis. 

He currently resides in the city of Grand Rapids Michigan, where he runs some businesses; a real estate service that helps buyers and sellers with residential and commercial property, a property management brokerage, and a couple of real estate holding companies. 

In 2005 Pete was asked to take on the position of WYCE Music Director in a part-time capacity, which he has continued to do ever since.

In 2008 Pete was married to Elizabeth Dykstra of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She is lifelong dual citizen of Canada and the United States, and did not need the marriage in order to obtain US citizenship.

Personally, Pete cannot get enough local music, new music, art, Michigan beer, and a good collaboration. 


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